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Abstract mixed-media drawing of eye, lips, and face in mostly browns


by Andrea Kroenig

  • $ 360.00

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50% of the purchase price of this art to go toward the Hoboken Relief Fund

Dry pastel, oil pastel, graphite on canvas board
10 x 8 in.

“Days fade into days as I've been working and weekending from home during the pandemic. The novelty is gone. Connecting with family, friends, and neighbors via social media and long phone calls discussing how well we've avoided contact and how stylish our homemade masks are seem like fiction. And my reality is based on governors’ daily updates on Facebook, watching neighbors walk in and out of the convenience store across the street and cheering on healthcare workers punctually at 7pm. Not knowing how quickly we're approaching the new normal is a test of endurance and humor, and to me, evokes the Dada spirit of the early 20th century and influenced my current painting style. Nothing seems to move forward with optimism, only sideways without certainty.”

—Andrea Kroenig


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