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Profile of a shrouded woman holding a skull

Lolitas Lost

by Alex Elstabo

  • $ 1,600.00

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50% of the purchase price of this art to go toward the Hoboken Relief Fund

Oil on canvas board
20 x 16 in.

“This is part of a series I started right before the epidemic started. The theme of the work deals with the self-isolation and repressed human emotions of today. The sheets serve as the self barrier one wraps themselves in to avoid the worldly pressures. This piece represents the loss of innocent lives, by no fault of their own which were caused by unknown sources.”

This pandemic has not only affected me monetarily but also access to my family. I am unable to see my daughter and other family members who live outside the state due to the quarantine and travel restrictions. The tanking of the economy has paused all my money resources and has forced me to wait it out in hopes that things will return back to normal, which seems like it won't happen for a very long time.

—Alex Estabo


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