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Colorful painting of various animals looking toward the view all wearing masks

Jungle Quarantine

by Hal Sadler

  • $ 200.00

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50% of the purchase price of this art to go toward the Hoboken Relief Fund

Digital print (digitally-manipulated original oil painting)
9 x 15 in.

“I personally have had no hardships during the pandemic. I talk to some who express fear, stress and anxiety. Others who doubt the need for total quarantine. As a country we were ill prepared and like most issues, it quickly dissolves into political differences and with no totally right answer.

And who isn’t sick of that?

This virus has forced us to take a deep breath, slow down and be with our families. Instead of thinking about our quarantine as a “prison” we need to see it for the gift it is. The gift of time. We have been granted time to be with the people we love. We should be taking advantage of that instead of complaining of a party or sporting event that had to be canceled. We need to stay positive and think of this as a gift in disguise.

So here is a lighter expression for the psyche of the millions of restricted people. The title of this artwork is Jungle Quarantine. Acknowledge that humor helps keep us sane and ponder these three questions.

So what do the animals think? Where did all the people go? And the biggest question of all: should they wear masks?”

—Hal Sadler


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