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Colorful digital photo montage with the earth, protests throwing flowers, and a beaked figure


by Phillip McConnell

  • $ 300.00

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50% of the purchase price of this art to go toward the Hoboken Relief Fund

Glitch art printed on canvas
14 x 14 in.
Gallery-wrapped and wired-to-hang

“Hazmat is a juxtaposition piece centered around our current pandemic and how it is being handled. Within the piece you will see the death doctors of old placed next to hazmat suits of our current generation. I feel the current pandemic is being handled the same way as it has been in the past. The death doctors couldn’t cure much, they were a stop gap measure to ease people of fear. In our current era, the flow of information is controlled to a point. I feel as if once this is over life will change. Whether that is for the better or worse; that all depends on people. But life will most certainly change.”

—Phillip McConnell


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