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Drawing of the back of a princess on a swing in a flowery garden with bird at bird bath burned on wood with bark on top and bottom edges


by Janhavi Firke

  • $ 250.00

Pyrography on birch wood with bark
16 x 11 ½ in.

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• Comes ready-to-hang


Artist’s Description
Pyrography is the technique used to make this piece of art. By controlled burning of wood I can obtain various shades of sepia and texture by adjusting heat and pressure. Different types of wood such as a favorite of mine—birch, a hardwood—react differently to heat-factors. Density of the wood as well as sap level and the wood’s grain all play a major role in the outcome of the finished artwork. Often times the bark is included to frame the work as well as to reflect the rustic and organic nature of the medium.

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