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Untitled (Feel Licks Hips & Thighs)

by Paul Leibow

  • $ 595.00

22 x 29 in.

• Limited edition print
• Archival-grade paper
• Unmatted and unframed
• Signed and numbered by the artist
• Shipped directly by the artist


Artist’s Description
This work is unique in that it has a blend-roll of two colors from top to bottom, which is why the hue is pinker above and more orange below. The idea to have each of the panels fade in hue was in looking at artist Mark Rothko’s abstractions, capturing some of his color as they merge in this blend-role.

There are panels where there was a subtle difference in value created because an additional plate was done to offset just several out of the 20 panels to appear 10% to 15% darker. (Seen in the sample of the second panel up from the right and also among other’s the forth one down on the left).

This one work took two MFA printers including a master printer and myself over one hundred and fifty hours ea., totally a combined amount of time approximately 500 hours of work.


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