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Print of pink top of cat head with brains for eyes on a newspaper clipping background

Untitled (Feel Licks Coffee & Cigarettes)

by Paul Leibow

  • $ 600.00

28 ¼ x 22 in.

• Limited edition print
• Archival-grade paper
• Unmatted and unframed
• Signed and numbered by the artist
• Shipped directly by the artist


Artist’s Description
This work was derived from a dozed vintage comic book advertisements from the 1960’s and 1970’s to create the background. The paper stock was chosen to mimic pulp fiction, and the eyes hold a surreal animal of a sheep face superimposed. Some of the cigarette filters were left black, some, with no color and a few with the natural tan filter color.

It also has a nod to R.Crumb and Raymond Pettibon. in a character driven ideal. With the invention of Feel Licks fused into a multitude of vintage advertisements.
This limited edition lithograph was also curated be Anne Slattery of Tamarind.

Using the artist’s “Feel Licks” cat structure collaged with vintage comic ads from the 1970’s, I collided images of falling cigarettes and Coffee to display uncertainty.
The artist Dana Schutz had a recent exhibition at Petzel gallery in NYC. In one painting on display, she depicts a woman trying to catch falling objects and holding up a wall in an earthquake, almost trying to stick her finger in a Dyke perhaps to stop catastrophe.

This lithograph was loosely inspired by her work, in that the sky feels like it is failing these days from the likes of miss information and fake news, perhaps just the tip of the iceberg.


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