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Pork 1

Pork 1

by Janina Williams

  • $ 1,500.00

3D paint, graffiti spray, glitter on Gesso board
24 x 24 in.

• Comes framed
Original artwork is shipped directly by the artist
• On premium fine art paper
• Free shipping

Artist’s Description
Part of a series, Pork 1 addresses the current global issue of processed foods. In creating this work the artist closely examined a pilot study by the Weston A. Price Foundation about the effects processed meat has on our blood. A major motivation as well as inspiration in creating this work was to bring public awareness about these potentially negative effects processed foods can have on our health.

From the report the artist learned that after the consumption of pork sausages, there was evidence of clotted blood cells that were stuck together, not leaving enough space to move around freely. This state of the blood is represented by screating a network of blood cells that are stuck together to represent the formation of a blood clot that fills the entire canvas.

The work was created with 3D paints, spray paint, and acrylics to create a psychedelic vibrancy that is reminiscent of the art movement of the late 1960’s. According to the artist, the work is an exercise on the effect colors have on our overall well being and mood. This added dimension to the work further establishes a lasting impression on the root cause of the work.

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