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Two-Directional Circlet Necklace

by Elizabeth Tokoly

  • $ 2,760.00

Sterling silver and sapphire
NT 09-Ag 18S

• One-of-a-kind necklace
• Ships directly from the designer
• Free shipping

Two-Directional Circlet Necklace elongates the core form Two-Directional collection and changes the shape into a circle. The one-of-a-kind all natural sapphire, 16.41ct. is set on top of the tension hook clasp with a safety. Designer’s logo is hand pierced and sawed on the back of clasp. The finish is soft brushed with bright high lights on the edges. It is sterling silver and 18" length. Circlet diameter 19mm. Circlet link width tapers from 5mm-1mm. Available with Toggle Clasp upon request.

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