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Solitaire Swing “Circlet”

by Elizabeth Tokoly

  • from $ 1,320.00

18ky gold and sapphires

• Available is petite and classic
• Ships directly from the designer
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Solitaire Swing “Circlet” incorporates multi-color sapphires. The sapphires graduate in size and vary in color combinations that range from vibrant to warm. You may request the different color combinations by leaving a note with your order such as a cooler combination of blues for instance. There are two sizes—classic and petite, a smaller circlet. Chain length is 18" and available in other sizes. Classic circlet measures 33.4mm in diameter and changes from 3-1.0mm in thickness. Petite circlet measures 26.5mm in diameter and changes from 2.10-1.10mm in thickness. Mini circlet measures 19.5mm in diameter and changes from 2.8-.8mm in thickness.


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