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Continuous Tetrad Circlet Necklace

by Elizabeth Tokoly

  • $ 2,400.00

Patina sterling silver and 18ky gold
NCi 18-AgAuO 25.5
25 ½ in.

• One-of-a-kind necklace
• Ships directly from the designer
• Free shipping

The Continuous Tetrad Circlet Necklace is a one-of-a-kind. The 18ky pins enable the circlet tetrads to pivot around your neck and body for a contoured fit. It is lovely worn dangling down your back creating an original look. It is constructed of seven tetrad units made up of two classic—one petite and one mini—circlets. Each unit’s overall dimensions are 77mm x 55mm x 3mm. The units alternate with mini circlets to create the chain. The length of the piece is 25.5".

Classic circlet measures 33.4mm in diameter and changes from 3-1.0mm in thickness.
 Petite circlet measures 26.5mm in diameter and changes from 2.10-1.10mm in thickness.
 Mini circlet measures 19.5mm in diameter and changes from 2.8-.8mm in thickness.


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