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Super Mum

Super Mum

by Janina Williams

  • $ 950.00

Acrylic, marker, collage, and pen on paper
18 ½ x 14 in.

• Comes framed
Original artwork is shipped directly by the artist
• Free shipping

Artist’s Description
What does if feel like to be human? What does it feel like to be a super mum? Quite often we are faced with modern day challenges that we struggle to achieve. Whilst successfully coping with the simultaneous demands of career, marriage and motherhood, a superwoman of the human kind is often not designed to be performing all the tasks at phenomenal speeds. Maintaining balance and strength is something we as humans struggle with on a daily basis. Paying bills, taking kids to school, meeting deadlines, looking good, cooking meals, always polite, always positive, smiling… and the list goes on and on! Sometimes, we so desperately wish that we had several arms and legs… but we are only human and that is what makes us special and unique. Love yourself, love your body, be who you are, stay strong and embrace life. You are an amazing woman!

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