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Superwoman-Female Cyborg

Superwoman-Female Cyborg

by Janina Williams

  • $ 850.00

Pencil, acrylic, marker, and collage on board
14 x 14 in.

• Comes framed
Original artwork is shipped directly by the artist
• Free shipping

Artist’s Description
Often we perform tasks in a robot like manner and turn to automatic mode. Somewhere inside there is a switch and it flicks to robot mode. You know what? Robot mode is great sometimes because you can manage more and more. Be kind, be patient, meet that deadline, be proactive, think ahead, do this, do that and do it all.

But is robot mode really better? Robot mode only really works for a certain amount of time and for certain situations. The idea of turning ourselves into a super female- cyborg might be an entertaining one but to be human and be able to feel emotion and develop empathy make us special and unique. A cyborg -super female resembles a trapped soul without a heart trying to escape its outer shell.

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