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Pippa “The Lover of Horses”

by Hazel Smith

  • $ 110.00

Cuff Bracelet
Copper-plated steel and Czech glass
7 x 1 in.

• Sealed to prevent skin oxidation or “green skin”
• Tested to withstand 26 lbs. of tensile force
• Flexible 49 strand stainless steel wire encased in nylon
• Holds its shape while contouring the wrist
• Finished with a secure solid copper slide lock clasp
• Lightly polished to enhance patina
• Ships directly from the designer
• Free shipping

Inspired by a love of the jewelry of ancient Greece this bracelet is made from deconstructed vintage 60s copper coated steel chain, and Czech glass.


To determine your wrist size:
1. Find a piece of string or cut a strip of paper about a ¼” wide.
2. Wrap the string/paper around your wrist just below the wrist bone. The fit should be snug but not tight.
3. Mark the string or paper where it overlaps to form a complete circle around your wrist.
4. With a ruler, measure the length of string or paper to determine your wrist size.

Next, determine how much “give” you would like. On a 6 ¼” wrist, a 7 inch bracelet will sit just below the wrist bone. On a 6 ½” wrist it will sit a little higher. So, consider how snug or loose fitting you’d like your cuff bracelet.

Care Instructions:
-Clean with a soft dry cloth.
-To clean the copper, dab small amounts of white vinegar on a clean rag and wipe.
-Do not swim, shower, or otherwise submerge in water.

Contact @seyoumdesign on Instagram for questions related to this item.

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