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Collage of half woman and sphinx with blue and orange painterly background

Gabanna Fever

by Tony Seker

  • $ 800.00

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50% of the purchase price of this art to go toward the Hoboken Relief Fund

Acrylic and mixed media on wood panel
16 x 16 x 2 in.

“Evolution or devolution? I’m sure that there have been points in human history where this has been asked of our civilization before. However, I doubt that there has been a time in U.S. history when disinformation has been as unbridled with potentially devastating consequences. ‘Gabbana Fever’ is my cynical title and term (poking fun at cabin fever) for those who refuse to socially distance. ‘Gabanna Fever’ occurs to those who either reject the science of the Coronavirus pandemic or are simply too fashionable to notice. They are ready to party, and they are dressed to kill.”

—Tony Seker


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