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Photo collage of close-up of multiple vertical segments of colorful ribbon hair braids

4 Camouflage Close Ups

by Theda Sandiford

  • $ 800.00

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50% of the purchase price of this art to go toward the Hoboken Relief Fund

Fine art print on textured watercolor paper
16 x 16 in.

“I make art in community, under quarantine, I work alone. This series of work reveals the making of several 3D soft fiber sculpture works I have been creating in quarantine.

Each segment reveals the underpinning’s of braiding, wrapping and hitch knotted yarn, ribbon, sequins and beads on rope. The process is a vibe. It is meditative, relaxing and allows me to escape quarantine and wander, in my mind, suspending time and space.

This is where I find solace during these trying times.”

—Theda Sandiford


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