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Theda Sandiford

Jersey City, New Jersey

Theda Sandiford is a self-taught mixed media artist based in Jersey City, NJ. Although the visual arts have always been ingrained in her psyche, Theda’s first creative endeavors were in the music business as a sales and digital marketing executive. After years of ground breaking digital work for musicians, she began experimenting with digital and analog art processes, to develop her own artistic self-expression as a means of art therapy.

“We all wear masks. Masks to pretend, to hide or just to put our best face forward in a selfie. I construct masks to protect myself from my fears. What may start as an ugly statement about myself, in the end becomes something beautiful. I transform found and meticulously collected materials into mixed media works, photograph the process and then digitally manipulate these images to extend the narrative as part of my personal mythology. Fragmented identity juxtaposed with the existence of infinite possibilities is a recurring theme in my work. See my process on Instagram @MissTheda.”

—Theda Sandiford

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