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Sell Your Art on HobokenArts

HobokenArts is a place for artists to sell their work online. We provide the venue for your art to be seen and the means to make the transaction happen.

What we do:

HobokenArts is here to help artists sell art online. Our mission is not only to attract collectors from around the world but also to connect local art collectors with the emerging and established artists already making headway in their surrounding area. Think of this as selling your work on Ebay or Etsy but with less work on your part, a targeted customer base, and where the artist doesn’t get lost in the infinite crowd of the online marketplace.

We are motivated to represent you. Hosting art is free but there is a small commission retained on sales of 25% for New Jersey artists and 30% for non-New Jersey artists to help keep the gallery running. HobokenArts never makes claims to artists work and will host without exclusive rights to sell and require no long-term commitments. If you sell your work off the site just let us know so we can take it off the site. If you have a piece in a show we can even hide it temporarily from customers. (Bottom line is we can’t sell art that is not available—bad for business!) We handle the online payment transaction and when a sale is made you ship the art.

Also available are digital reproductions of your works where you do nothing more than provide a high-quality, high-resolution image file. For open edition fine art prints, HobokenArts handles the printing, the shipping, and the payment transaction.

Submissions & selection:

HobokenArts is a curated site. All submissions are reviewed and at no time do artists access the site themselves. Upon review, an accepted work will be uploaded after the artist agreement is signed and returned and an acceptable image is provided of the artwork. If the work is to be included for open edition digital print sales then a high-resolution JPEG file with maximum quality compression must be provided.

All you need to do to get started is send 4-6 JPEG files of your artwork you wish to sell and tell us a little bit about yourself, your art, and where you are located to: with the SUBJECT LINE: “HA - (Your last name)”. Additional information is encouraged including an artist’s statement, CV, and portfolio to help with the approval process.


Preparing your image files:

Images of artwork on the site need to be provided by the artists. To prepare a file to be optimized for the gallery you need to save an image as a JPEG with the longest length 2048 pixels and saved with compression quality to high or maximum. You should attach the files to emails instead of embedding them within the email text. All images should come with a title and any additional necessary details. If images fall short when submitted we may request better ones. We want your work to look its best to attract buyers and collectors!


File Type: JPEG (.jpg)
Resolution: 72 ppi
Minimum Pixel Dimensions: 1000 x 1000
Optimal Pixel Dimensions: 2048 x 2048 (2,048 px longer length)
Quality: Maximum quality or minimum compression setting

Your responsibilities:

Original fine art is sold on a consignment basis. We host the art on as long as it is available until you tell us otherwise. You must be equipped to ship original artwork when the sale is made. For the open edition digital reproductions—you need to nothing other than receive a royalty for sales.

Shipping your original art:

HobokenArts does not store any artwork that is sold on the website. All artwork remains with the artist. All shipping is the responsibility of the artist—you must be able to ship your own artwork in a secure fashion. This includes providing a tracking number and insuring your artwork as you see fit. HobokenArts can not be responsible for art that is damaged or lost in transit. Furthermore, due to the variable shipping requirements for artwork, artists need to build all shipping costs into the final price—we can not determine shipping costs prior to sales. Currently, items sold may only be shipped within the United States.

Artists that are unable to meet the shipping requirements will not be able to sell their work on the site. If you need help shipping please contact us so we can make suggestions on how to do it.

Commissions & royalties:

HobokenArts values the artists of the community and only asks artists to give back to the gallery when sales are made. Being on the site is free to the artist but we ask for a 25% commission + $10 service fee on sales that goes through the gallery for original fine art in which the artist ships the work. For open-edition digital art prints that HobokenArts prints and ships, the artist will share 50% of the profit* from the sale which amounts to about a 25% royalty of the final sale price. *This a 50/50 split on profit—after all bank fees, shipping, etc.


Artists will be paid within 30 days after the original artwork has been verified of shipment. Payments are done through a PayPal account. 30 days are required to insure the artwork was shipped by the artist and the customer has received the art in good order. It also is required to make sure the customers funds have cleared. And, it allows the customer to review the artwork and return it if they feel the product is not to their satisfaction.

Dissolve of contract:

HobokenArts reserves the right to dissolve a contract without reason. This means your artwork may be removed from the website at anytime for any reason.

Artists that fail to meet the requirements of the contract may be removed from the site and unable to sell their work on HobokenArts. Reasons may include:

• Failure to have art available while still on the site, i.e. sells artwork outside of HobokenArts and doesn't notify us.
• Failure to be able to ship the artwork after a purchase has been made.
• Ships artwork in unacceptable manner.
• Does not ship artwork.
• Makes claim that artwork was shipped when it was not.
• Makes claims of unavailable artwork after purchase has been made.
• Makes claims of shipping artwork when artwork was never shipped.
• Ships wrong artwork or something other than artwork sold.
• Failure to accurately describe the artwork prior to a sale.
• Failure to ship the original artwork in a reasonably secure and timely manner.
• Renegotiates the price of artwork after a sale has been made.
• Does not respond to communications from HobokenArts.
• Unwilling to accept returns by customers.

But don’t worry—we work with every artist individually to ensure he or she is able to meet these requirements and maintain a good relationship!