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Santiago Cohen

Jersey City, New Jersey

Santiago Cohen in his studioSantiago Cohen lived more than 20 years in Hoboken, New Jersey, before moving to Jersey City two years ago, where he currently has his home-studio. He previously had studios in Union City and the Neumann Leathers building in Hoboken.

Santiago has illustrated for major magazines and newspapers, done animation for children's programing, as well as written and illustrated children's books. He also has done a mural in South Orange, New Jersey. Additionally, he has been an "artist in residence" doing the large puppets for the Day of the Dead Parade in Jersey City.

Santiago has shown his work at several individual and collective shows in New York City, New Jersey, and Mexico, and in 2013, he had a solo show at the Hunterdon Art Museum in New Jersey where he displayed his Exvida installation.

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