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Paul Leibow

Leonia, New Jersey

Paul LeibowPaul Leibow, born 1961, works in sculpture, mixed media, and film. His collection of work here depicts the figure through 2D/3D collage with anachronistic mixed media using films and gels illuminated behind acrylic glass. His pieces are not quite photography, not quite painting, not exactly abstract, and many of of them are not perfectly permanent.

Previous work includes a documentary video on his archival art was in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts (program for art on film) for 10 years until 2000, along with selected works for books and exhibitions by curators form the Whitney Museum and the Met.

Furthermore, Paul has a strange outsider vibe with poetry, that at times integrates words into his work. This relates to his artwork for recording artist Bruce Springsteen’s world tour books which helped brand his concerts with strong icons.

Paul’s public arts projects have included multiple storefront window displays that transformed the area around a town's main street into an open space gallery to boost its economy during a vacancy period after the 2008 economic downturn. It included a mural he worked on that stood sixteen feet high and almost 150 feet long. Paul continues to post all his most recent works on his instagram account @paulleibow.

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