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Oksana Ball

Jersey City, New Jersey

Oksana Ball is a self-taught fiber artist from Russia based in Jersey City. To create paintings, she uses a unique technique called “Wool Painting”, also known as “Wool Watercolor”, which she discovered in her home country several years ago. She describes it as using nontraditional materials like wool fibers to mimic traditional painting and drawing techniques. Instead of using paint and a brush, she uses wool fibers to create the effects of layering color, creating texture, and providing depth. The images are crafted by layering wool fibers atop each other on a flat surface and pressing them with glass to remain firmly in place; after which, they are nicely framed. This process doesn't use any glue, needles, water, or paint!

Oksana discovered her artistic passion as an adult. After graduating from university and working as a Search Engine specialist, she moved to America where she began her art career. Originally, creating wool paintings as a hobby, she realized that this method of painting was almost unknown in the States and began to create the pictures commercially. In 2016, she opened her first online store and started participate in different art shows and auctions. Buyers from around the world purchased her unique works of art for their collections and her art career began to grow.

Now she exhibits at different art shows and fiber festivals throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan; teaches classes; and has published multiple tutorial books. In 2019, she opened her personal art gallery and studio to the public in Jersey City Heights where she continues to create these unique works of art. She creates highly detailed pieces that often surprise people when they discover the artwork is made with wool. Her goal is to elevate the craft of wool painting and push the boundaries of this fiber art to be more revered as an artistic medium.

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