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Nikita Kamat

Hoboken, New Jersey

Nikita Kamat
Nikita Kamat is a creative photographer and recent graduate from the Conservatory Program in Photography at New York Film Academy. Specializing in Commercial Photography with expertise in product, portraiture, food and beverage, Nikita’s current work explores the abstract fusion of commercial, nature and wildlife. She is a native of Goa, India, and is currently living in Hoboken, NJ. Nikita also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts specializing in Graphic Design from Goa, India and a Diploma in Professional Photography from Light and Life Academy, Ooty, India.

In her series “Vitality” Nikita explores food, an essential part of everyone’s lives, and cooking which is one of the most intriguing characteristics of her culture. This passionate ritual of preparing a meal takes place daily for the vitality of her family. All of her recipes have been passed down through the many generations of women before her. The spices and ingredients used in her native Indian cooking not only enhance the flavor of the food, but also stimulate all five senses, providing her family a satisfying and nutritious experience with each meal. She would handpick every item, evaluating them with extraordinary care. The daily practice of scrutinizing potential ingredients for every meal led her to produce colorful closeups of food in her photographs evoking a surrealistic quality from their uniqueness.
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