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Mihaela Colibasu

Hoboken, New Jersey

Michaela standing in front of her art at the Hoboken Public LibraryMihaela Colibasu is a young artist born and raised in Romania. While growing up she wasn’t much of a traveler, having spent her childhood and teenage years in Bucharest. However, in 2011 she moved to England to study fine art at Norwich University of the Arts.

While being abroad Mihaela became concerned with analyzing aspects of identity and one’s placement in a different culture, the in-betweenness. The paint brush was the ideal tool for expressing her thoughts and ideas about relocation while embracing new ways of living.

After graduating Mihaela decided to carry on her career as a visual artist and moved to Hoboken, New Jersey. She is currently working on a watercolor series titled “Commuters.” Examining to the idea of migration, and traveling, she became fascinated with how busy and chaotic the public transport can get in this area and decided to capture these moments in her paintings. The thought of traveling together in a tight space, seeing different faces with different emotions, and paying attention to unseen details made her explore this world. A traveler’s scene that seems suspended in between worlds and embedded in a chaotic routine.

The underground world draws a parallel to Mihaela’s status as an immigrant, emphasizing the in-betweenness that comes with being in new countries. This fast-moving world fuels her work and allows her to explore dynamic compositions.

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