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Janhavi Firke

Jersey City, New Jersey

Janhavi is yet another name of the holy river Ganga (Ganges) in India. Just like a river, Janhavi Firke’s artwork reflects natural elements and the environment. As a self-taught artist, she is inspired by the world around her.

It was Janhavi’s upbringing in India that taught her flexibility and adaptability for any type of environment. It helped her appreciate the beauty found in the imperfections and randomness of life which helped her take pressure off her mind amidst all the craziness that life can throw.

In 2017, after her move to New Jersey, Janhavi started to miss her time in India and began to translate those carefree memories into her artwork. Additionally, Indian Tribal art has had a great impact on her work, and it are the imperfections in tribal art that fascinate her. She understands that there is no perfecting art, it is ever evolving.

Janhavi is driven by her willingness to try different art techniques such as pyrography, her latest passion. Pyrography is a technique of controlling the burning of wood or any receptive material to obtain various shades of sepia and texture by adjusting heat and pressure. Different types of wood react differently to heat—factors. Density of the wood as well as sap level and the wood's grain all play a major role in the outcome of the finished artwork.

Janhavi has shown her artwork in various local art galleries, exhibitions, and pop-up art shows in Jersey City and greater Hudson County, New Jersey area.

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