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Iwona Drelich

Jersey City, New Jersey

Iwona DrelichIwona Drelich is an artist born and raised in Poland. For over twenty years she has lived in Jersey City Heights, New Jersey. Her passion for photography, for many years, has served as a medium for sustaining her vision and creative space within a hectic and fragmented culture.

For Iwona, photography is a personal evocation in a constant flow. Even thought itself takes a form—an active and responsive component of mind as well as intuition. In this context the dialogue between inner voice and visual experience is allowed to unfold. At times her art is a fable, a play with what is at hand. Sometimes it is a reconstruction, a provocation to examine existing ideas. But mostly it is an exploration. As the artist herself concludes:

"When you look attentively, the space starts revealing itself in a way you never thought possible. It is a natural revelation of our lost, profound memories."

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