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Elena Samarsky

North Bergen, New Jersey

Elena Samarsky portraitElena Samarsky, a Ukrainian-born Israeli, is an emerging artist who has recently relocated to North Bergen, New Jersey, from London, England. A self-taught artist, she works primarily in the style of expressive abstraction. In her artwork she seeks to explore the interplay between bright energetic and dark muted colors and witness the emotions it can evoke within the viewer.

Elena started to explore abstract painting and photography while working towards a B.A. and Ph.D in Sociology. It was a way of self-exploration and self-expression. During that time, she had an opportunity to live in Austria, Germany, Israel, and the UK, and used art to cope with these relocations as well as understand and “digest” these new cultural contexts.

Since then, Elena has shown her work in Finland and the UK. In 2018, she held an artistic residency at Finland Hovinkartano International Arts and Cultural Centre, Finland.

For Elena, the artistic process is an intellectual and emotional journey:

“Creating art pieces is an emotionally charged process during which I experience transformation from being actively involved in the creation process—getting inspired by a particular object, choosing the color, and working with brushes on canvas—to being a detached observer of the finished piece. Although at times this is a harmonious and playful process, sometimes it results in a strong feeling of abandonment and emptiness.”

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