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HobokenArts™ is a trademark of the independent online gallery & community resource owned and operated by LLC. It is not endorsed, sponsored, or associated with the official city of Hoboken, nor is it affiliated with the organizers of events that may be posted on this site or that are included in the HobokenArts™ Newsletter. Information posted in our newsletter or on the Community page of the HA Web Site is public information that may have been previously shared through web sites, press releases, or newsletters from other organizations. Therefore, HobokenArts™ should not be held accountable for wrong information that may be posted on the site provided by other organizations.

HobokenArts™ strives to only publish relevant and accurate information its visitors would be interested in. If you do recognize information that is incorrect, out-of-date, private, or if pertains to you and you simply do not want to appear on the HobokenArts™ Web Site, please contact the administrators of at: so we can adjust or remove the posting.

Artwork on the online gallery is owned by the artist that pertains to each work. HobokenArts™ does not own or handle any of the artwork and is operating only as an agent with an established agreement with each artist to host their work for sale on a consignment basis. If any of the artwork found on the site to be not in accordance with any laws please bring the matter to our attention by emailing the administrators of at: so the issue can be resolved.