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City Art Tour™

HA City Art Tour

Introducing HobokenArts City Art Tour™ Initiative

Open your walls to local artists—they need your support!

Artists are always looking to show their work and what is a better place to start than their own community. As a business owner you can help!

The artists on are looking for local businesses to share their space and host one or two of their pieces of artwork. There is a wide selection to choose from on our online catalog. Simply browse our online gallery and pick a picture you would like to host and we will handle the rest. We will work with you and the artists to come and professionally hang their work within your shop or business at a convenient time of your choosing.

Each piece of artwork will include a small card where a customer can purchase the artwork. We prefer artwork to be up for 6-month tours with an option to change artwork after 6 months for another 6-month term. We simply ask that our business partners be good custodians of the artwork while in their possession.

• You are helping local artists get much needed exposure!
• Fresh art will make your business interior more attractive!
• Your business will be featured on the HobokenArts website with a link to your business’s website alongside the art piece hosted in your shop.
• Each product’s instagram post @cityarttour will have a link back to your business.
• Your business may be included in promotional material including email newsletters regarding the City Art Tour™ initiative.
• Displaying local artwork can potentially drive new customers into your shop!

Yes, people to want to see the art on HobokenArts and will travel to your shop to check it out!

If you have a business in Hoboken or Jersey City, NJ, with an open wall in need of some amazing artwork consider hosting one or more art pieces by the artists on HobokenArts—just contact us at: