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Cheryl Gross

Jersey City, New Jersey

Cheryl GrossBorn and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Cheryl Gross is an artist, living and working in the New York/Jersey City area. She received her BFA in Communications Design and MFA, New Forms, Fine Art, Pratt Institute.

In addition to her being an artist, writer, motion graphics artist, painter, illustrator, and creator of The Z Factor, Cheryl is currently a professor at Pratt Institute in New York, and Bloomfield College, New Jersey.

Her work has appeared in numerous films, TV shows and publications including: 100 New York Painters, Schiffler Publishing, Riverside Museum, Riverside, Ca., The Museum of The City of New York, Mississippi Museum of Art, The New York Times, NASDAQ, Laforet Harajuku Museum, Tokyo, Japan, Artist-In-Residency, Kunstlerhaus, Saarbruken, Germany, Artist-In-Residency, Kommandantenhaus, Feste Dilsburg, Artist-In-Residency, Germany, Winner  3rd Ó Bhéal International Poetry-Film Competition, Cork, Ireland, 2015.

Her illustration credits include; Jimmy Stewart and His Poems, Crown Publishing, Circe, Lowbrow Press, Becoming Judas, Red Hen Press, In The Circus Of You, Rose Metal Press, and The Z Factor, which she has written and illustrated, IUniverse Press.

When asked about her work:
 “I equate my work with creating and building an environment, transforming my inner thoughts into reality. Beginning with the physical process, I work in layers. I am involved in solving visual and verbal complexities such as design and narrative. My urban influence has indeed added an ‘edge’ to my work.”

Cheryl has often been compared to Dr. Seuss on crack.

For the past ten years she has been creating a large graphic novel-installation titled: The Karpland Chronicles. The Karpland Chronicles is based on our society’s situation regarding globalization and gentrification. The work consists of drawings, animation, text, collaborations, and paintings depicting a recently designed race of people that are being persecuted, and will eventually be known as the third civil rights movement. According to the theory behind my project, this is the next evolution of our species. It is authentic, straightforward, poignant and at times humorous. It addresses issues that plague our social and political environment on an ongoing basis thus mirroring the world in which we live.

The Karpland Chronicles contains a specific narrative that is undoubtedly metaphorical as well as visually detailed. Each aspect, including the story telling is designed to assist and stand alone in a larger body of work. You get a glimpse of this world in the pictures Cheryl has shared with us here.

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