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2019 Spring Showcase

2019 Spring Showcase is a preview of the latest artwork added to the HobokenArts™ Online Gallery on Saturday, May 4, 2019, 4-7pm, in the 2nd Floor Gallery (Bldg. H) at Neumann Leathers Factory at 300 Observer Hwy., in Hoboken, New Jersey. This show is co-sponsored by Nick De Pirro of Proto Gallery with the launch of the new Hoboken Art Collective space located next to the gallery. Open gallery hours are May 11, 1-3pm along with a artist talk and May 19, 1-3pm for its closing.

Artists include Hoboken artists Tim Daly, Edward Tadiello, Gloria Pacis, Elizabeth Tokoly, Alex Sobolta, and Mihaela Colibasu, Jersey City artists Robert Piersanti, Lorenzo Irico, Iwona Drelich, Bryant Small, Santiago Cohen, Janina Williams, Weehawken artist Katia Bulbenko, and New Jersey artists Paul Leibow, Hal Sadler, and newly added to the gallery Yogamy Ferras-Farley. The show is curated by the director of HobokenArts, Christopher Coleman.