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Women and Friend’s of Women

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Women and Friend’s of Women

hob’art co-operative gallery in celebration of Women’s History Month
March 9 – April 3, 2018
Opening reception: Saturday, March 10, 2018, 6 – 8pm

Gallery hours: Thurs., Fri. 4 – 7pm/Sat. 1 – 5pm
hob’art co-operative gallery

The Monroe Center

720 Monroe St., E208
Hoboken, NJ

hob’art co-operative gallery is proud to announce its invitational/juried group show Women and Friend’s of Women about women and their relationships. Whether the relationships are platonic, romantic, long distance or familial, the show conveys visualizations of females and their friends.

Participating artists include: Anna Plavinskaya, Jean Paul Picard, Olga Spiegel, Alberte Bernier, France Garrido, Alayne Sahar, Ibou Ndoye, France Garrido, Tony Rendeiro, Lily Zane and Liz Cohen Ndoye. These artists were either chosen by our curator France Garrido or are members of hob’art co-operative gallery. They are excited to be welcoming new and non-New Jersey artists to the show, as well.

hob'art gallery is sharing a visual tribute to the richness and importance of women in our lives. This is a huge theme, but their artists show their own unique and exciting perspective on the many aspects of women and their friends, family, and colleagues in this country. Each artist celebrates these many aspects of women’s lives and work into a cohesive and beautiful show. The works present the unifying principle that our gender brings us together and that art can honor all peoples.

Portraits by Bernier, Picard, and Ndoye, use intense colors that highlight the physical diversity and beauty of women in our world. Zane and Cohen Ndoye use fabric, textures, and imagery that evoke the continuing, ongoing struggle for women’s equal rights. Garrido, Spiegel, Sahar, Reneiro, and Plavinskaya use line to create a spiritual female presence in their pieces.

For more information contact Liz Cohen or France Garrido. Gallery information can be obtained on the hob’art website:

Cover photo: Selfie with Friend by Alberte Bernier
Above: Gossiping Women by Tony Rendeiro

Below: Female by France Garrido

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