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"Strong Forces" Exhibit at Novado Gallery

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“Sisters: Day”, 2020, 124” x 87”, I am a twin. The silhouettes are of me and my sister as girls” . This hand-knitted rug includes text from the artist’s sketchbooks and coded text from a friendship book, dating from the late 1800’s that belonged to their mother.


“Time Notes: Day”, 61” x 81” Over a period of 8 years, Ann Clarke looked after and cared for her mother, who lived for 100 years and passed in December 2020. The process of making these works provided a creative and necessary release for Clarke, as she went through the emotional challenges of caring for her mother, whose mind was overtaken by severe dementia. By incorporating images and layers of text, Clarke found a way to process the shifting and reforming of her mother’s reconstructed narratives- at times affirmed and other times challenged her understandings, “…a century of experiences randomly revealed and concealed and revealed…”.


Eye Portals and Forms, hand-tufted textiles: “The exaggerated scale of these eye portals, that dome and protrude from the wall are like eyes of the past breaking through the wall, or one’s past peering into the present as thoughts made manifest. Their size and color, odd, and perhaps un-nerving while the lush tufted construction evokes the promise of comfort never provided. The portals become readable as eyes as one increases one’s distance from the gaze. I see these as portraits of specific people from history and lives lived.”

- Ann Clarke

(above: “Self Portrait”, on pedestal: “Blue Wedge”, “Narwal One”, “Dragon Eye”, “Pink Eye”, “Small Eye”, Jerzy”)


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