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Night, Venice Beach, Rockets

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Night, Venice Beach, Rockets
New Pastels and Paintings by Tim Daly

February 6 – April 5, 2019
Opening reception: Wednesday, February 27, 6-8pm

The Gallery at 350 Bleecker Street
350 Bleecker St.
West Village, NYC

In this solo show, along with his very large painting Police Activity in Venice Beach are a group of Tim's latest works in pastels of rocket launches.

With all the competition to provide commercial and even recreational space flight, 2019 has been the year of many rocket launches. These spectacular sights now include fiery landings of classic silver space ships straight out of 1950's EC Comics science fiction illustrations. military and scientific rocket requirements since the 1950's have created a planet-wide infrastructure and filled our orbital space with satellites, fantastic surveillance cameras, secret and not-so-secret weapons and lots and lots of space junk!

*Be sure to note the changed date of the opening which is now on Wednesday, February 27, 6-9pm, and come out to meet the artist!

ABOVE: Police Activity in Venice Beach, 50" x 88", acrylic on canvas
RIGHT: Wallop's Island Launch, 16" x 16", pastel and Vandenberg Launch,16" x 16", pastel

Click here to check out Tim's collection at our HobokenArts™ Online Gallery!

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