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Hoboken Art Walk: Nov. 8th

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Hoboken Outdoor Art Walk

Sunday, November 8, 2020 | 11am – 3pm

Free self-guided walking tour of artists’ work. All work should be displayed so it can be viewed safely outdoors from a distance and according to social distancing guidelines.

Artwork can be exhibited in large windows of a local residence or business, on front patios or porches, in front and back of City Hall, Under the Viaduct and in some parks and plazas around Hoboken. City owned spaces will be assigned on a first come basis. You will need to provide your own displays and must be present and responsible for your work.

If you are acquainted with a local business owner and they grant permission, you may exhibit in their windows.

Art is only to be displayed in windows or outdoors.

Options for display

1. You can display work in their own residential or studio windows or outdoors on front patio / porch (if visible from the sidewalk)

2. If you do not have a space of your own, perhaps a neighbor or local business owner will allow you to display your work in their window, distancing guidelines must be followed.

3. If you don’t have a space of your own, let us know. The City of Hoboken provide a limited number of outdoor spaces to display in specified public parks, plazas or under the viaduct. You will need to supply your own easels or displays and be present and responsible for your own work.

4. Artwork that is being displayed must be large enough so it can be viewed from a distance.

5. Artwork should be family friendly. Please don’t display work that contains racist, offensive, violent or otherwise profane themes or imagery.

6. All artists and event visitors must wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines

7. We suggest signage that will accompany your work should incorporate type large enough to be seen from a distance, including your name, website, title of the piece, medium and contact information.

8. A Virtual location list will be distributed via social media

9. Deadline to apply, Oct. 26th, 2020.

10. Artist keeps 100% of sale price of their art sold.

To apply, fill out the Google form:
Deadline to apply, Oct. 26, 2020.
There is no fee to apply.
Locations on the walk will be posted through the Hoboken Office of Cultural Affairs social media accounts.

Click here for more information.

Cover photo by:

Pierre Blaché

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